Thursday, 10 November 2011

Dear SpeakAsians,

Over the last two days our website has all of a sudden become active and is allowing the SpeakAsians to log in and view the website.  We would like to state that the website access passwords and database access was taken over by the Economic offences wing of the Mumbai Police. This was obtained from the technical team of the company that used to maintain the website. This action was executed immediately after the arrests of the company's COO and others. Since then SAOL has no access to the website 

Furthermore, we would also like to clarify that the any attempt on our part to regain the server access would have been deemed as obstructing the investigation. SAOL is totally committed to cooperating with the concerned authorities and therefore has not initiated any action that may be deemed as obstruction to the investigations.

The motive behind partially restoring the access to the website is at the moment not available to us as we have had no official communication from EOW, Mumbai Police on this subject.

We appeal to you to not believe false and motivated news item appearing online as well as in conventional media. We also would like to assure the SpeakAsian community that the company has initiated a series of actions aimed at restarting and returning to business as usual.

SpeakAsia Corporate Marketing Team

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