Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Dear SpeakAsians,

Please find attached the actions initiated against a leading media house for having falsely reported certain news items about our company and its COO, we urge all of you to kindly not pay attention to such false and misleading reports.


SpeakAsia corporate Marketing team

Monday, 24 October 2011

Update from Corporate Marketing Team

Dear SpeakAsians,

Today morning yet again we have been targeted with a malicious and motivated news item in website of one of the Newspapers in India.

This news item wrongly states that our India operation COO Mr. Tarak Bajpai has disappeared. While Mr. Tarak Bajpai has undergone a surgery, he and the rest of the team have been cooperating with the law enforcement agencies as well as all other authorities looking into the allegations leveled against the company by some uninformed and motivated section of people.

All necessary actions are being initiated to try and stop such kind of malicious and un-substantiated news items from being reported. 

We once again appeal to you not to pay any attention to such kind of reports as they are completely false and motivated.


SpeakAsia Corporate Marketing Team.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Supreme Court Hearing on October 17th, 2011.

October 18th,2011.

Dear Panelist,

The Honourable Justice Dalveer Bhandari of the Supreme Court strongly reprimanded the Ministry of Finance and the Reserve Bank of India, for not having filled the reply affidavit, to the written petition filed by the panellists of Speak Asia. Ministry of Finance and the Reserve Bank of India were supposed to file their reply on or before the 10th October 2011. Justice Dalveer Bhandari has asked Additional Solicitor general Kitit N. Rawal to ensure that both the respondents should file their affidavit before the next hearing. He also said that the casual attitude of the Government in this issue was very disturbing as it was the issue of the money and livelihood of so many people
Disposing before the bench of Justice Dalveer Bhandari and Justice Deepak Varma, Gopal Subramanian, senior council for Speak Asia explained the total business model of the company. He compared the business of Speak Asia to that of Ebay, where the consumer benefits most. He said this was a much better and refined version as the consumers not only got great deals but could also earn reward points that could be used to buy goods and services. He also emphasised on the training initiatives taken by the company. He lauded the extraordinary vision of the two Singapore based entrepreneurs and the unfortunate victimisation of the company

He urged the court to form a committee headed by Retd. Chief Justice R.C Lahoti, to facilitate the payments to be made to the panellists. He said that the company has the resources to complete all their obligations. He further added that the they have no problems with the ongoing investigations and had upmost faith in the law of the land.  He also appraised the court on how the company has been harassed on the basis of some unsubstantiated media reports, and was pursuing legitimate business in the internet space which is the future of all business transactions

The council for the panellist Mr.Mukul Rohitgi urged the court for immediate relief for the panellist. The Supreme Court was most inclined to set up a committee to look into all the issues of the company and its panaellists

The Supreme Court has also instructed the CBDT and the EOW – Mumbai police who have the records of all the payments to be made party to the case, to be present for the next hearing which will be in the next two weeks.

This is wonderful news for all Speak Asians, as they see a ray of hope not only in being able to receive the money that they have earned but also to continue to work and grow with Speak Asia but on the other hand we would also request you all not to trust any rumor or any fake document as there has been fake documents  circulating on the internet with fake stamp and sign of our chairperson.All official communication coming from SAOL will be on our official blogspot site which is
www.speakasiaonlinemarketing.blogspot.com and all the official e-mails will come from our following official e-mail id’s-
·  corcom@speakasiamarketing.com
            ·  marcom@speakasiamarketing.com


SpeakAsia Corporate Marketing Team.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Update from Corporate Marketing Team

October 7, 2011.

Dear SpeakAsian’s

It has been quoted in certain sections of the online media that Mr. Sanjeev Dandona, has made a statement that is contrary to our business model.

We would like to state that this particular article is completely false and written with an aim of spreading misinformation about the company.

SpeakAsia has access to the written and signed statement of Mr. Dandona and there is absolutely no mention whatsoever of the statement that is mentioned in this article. Furthermore, the company has only been associated with Mr. Dandona only for the past 18 months and therefore it is outside our purview to comment on any issues that do not pertain our company or has been reported in the past.

We once again urge you to ignore such scandalous and misinformed information that are aimed at not allowing the company to re-start the operations at the earliest.

Warm regards

SpeakAsia Online Corporate Marketing Team.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Update from Corporate Marketing Team

Dear SpeakAsians,
Certain sections of the media have once again carried reports that are  false, unsubstantiated and  baseless allegations against the company.
 The arrest of Mr. Nayan Khandoor of Brand saloon Inc. is very unfortunate and disturbing.  Mr. Khandoor's company had been hired by SpeakAsia Online PTE. Ltd. to carry out the tasks of search engine optimization and adapting the content and language of the surveys that were uploaded to suit the Indian environment.
 Mr. Khandoor"s company did not create any content on his own and has only merely carried out a commissioned work given to him by the company. 
While the unfortunate trail by the media continues on our company, the authorities are yet to file a single charge sheet in the court despite taking  all measures that they deemed necessary for the investigation.
 This only leads us to believe that in absence of any substantial evidence against the company, the authorities are now aiming at spreading mis-communication with-in our SpeakAsia family. 
We are on our final lap and urge all of you to keep faith in the company and emerge victorious along with it.

Warm regards

SpeakAsia Corporate Marketing Team.