Thursday, 6 October 2011

Update from Corporate Marketing Team

October 7, 2011.

Dear SpeakAsian’s

It has been quoted in certain sections of the online media that Mr. Sanjeev Dandona, has made a statement that is contrary to our business model.

We would like to state that this particular article is completely false and written with an aim of spreading misinformation about the company.

SpeakAsia has access to the written and signed statement of Mr. Dandona and there is absolutely no mention whatsoever of the statement that is mentioned in this article. Furthermore, the company has only been associated with Mr. Dandona only for the past 18 months and therefore it is outside our purview to comment on any issues that do not pertain our company or has been reported in the past.

We once again urge you to ignore such scandalous and misinformed information that are aimed at not allowing the company to re-start the operations at the earliest.

Warm regards

SpeakAsia Online Corporate Marketing Team.