Friday, 23 September 2011

Important Update

Dear Panelist,

This is just to update and inform everybody that whatever information that you get on this website is authentic and all the recent updates come directly from the company management, so we are requesting all the SAOL family members not to believe any fake news or update. To our surprise that somebody has forged company’s letterhead and trying to misguide our family members, so we request you all not to get influenced by all this and not to believe. is company’s official blogging site through which you get all the recent update from the company management directly.

SpeakAsia Corporate Marketing Team

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Press Release by SpeakAsia Online

Press Note

19th September 2011. 

Post the order from the honorable Mumbai High Court the Reserve Bank of India granted an audience to the representatives of Speak Asia. The representatives were met by a panel of six top officials of RBI who them a patient hearing. The meeting was held in a cordial environment were the officials had some queries on the presentation made.

Commenting on the occasion Speak Asia spokesperson said " We are extremely pleased with the approach and positive attitude of RBI. This is a great opportunity for us to present our business model to RBI. We believe that this is a great step to facilitate the payments due to our family of over 12 lac panelists".

The RBI has now given the company two weeks to come back will the answers to their enquires.

Your's Faithfully,
SpeakAsia Online Corporate Marketing Team

Monday, 19 September 2011

Message from Management


Dear Panelist,

Although we may not be physically with you in India, our thoughts are always with you – our loyal champions.  In this hour of crisis that has plagued SpeakAsia for some weeks now, we are most gratified that you have stood by us unreservedly in the midst of all the investigations and false allegations against SpeakAsia.
As you are aware to date, the authorities have not been able to file any charges against SpeakAsia.  To put it plainly, our operations are above board and all our transactions are legal.  In view of this, we are very confident that it is a matter of time that SpeakAsia will be in full operation in India.
It has come to our notice that some of SpeakAsia’spanelists may be hauled to the police station for questioning over the business operations of our company.  This is another attempt to undermine the company through our panelists.
We would like to assure you that SpeakAsia is solidly behind all the panelists and we would urge all of you to stand united in this trying period.  As the saying goes, “United we stand and divided we fall”. 
Finally, let us reiterate what SpeakAsia’s management has been saying all along.   We will overcome all obstacles thrown in our path.  Once we are allowed to resume our operations, we will bounce back with vigour.
SpeakAsia is here to stay and we are confident that we will succeed in our cause.  Together, we will triumph.
Yours sincerely

HarendarKaur                                                                Manoj Kumar
Chairperson                                                                    CEO - India

Monday, 12 September 2011

Update on Exit policy

Dear SpeakAsians,

We have launched the Exit Option on 10th September 2011 which is open for all the panellist who wish to leave our family. Since our website and server is under the control of EOW Mumbai as a part of the on-going investigation, we are unable to launch any new information on that website in-order to keep you all updated and to find a platform to launch the exit option. We have registered a new official company site which is, this site is legitimate and is registered under the company’s name. So anyone of our family who wants to leave us can go to the above mention website and submit the details for the exit option.

Harender Kaur
Chairperson & CEO

Friday, 9 September 2011

Exit Policy

Dear SpeakAsians, 

As communicated to you earlier on the exit option, we now request all of you who wish to exercise this option to kindly go the link mentioned below and complete the formalities as stated in the exit policy.

Kindly forward this link to all other fellow Speakasians as well.

Warm regards
SpeakAsia Corporate Marketing Team

Friday, 2 September 2011

Communication from Chairperson & CEO Office

Dear Panelists,
This note to all of you is to refute some reports in the media on the fate of the company’s petition in the Supreme Court of India. The Honorable court has not dismissed our petition nor has made any adverse remarks against the company. The petition filed was withdrawn with no consequence by the company on the advice from very senior legal counsels.
On their advice we have and are taking various steps to protect your immediate interests such execution of the exit policy, business as usual and the long-term interest of your company. Our legal team, which incidentally is one of the best in the country, has been working relentlessly in this direction. The opinion of all these eminent lawyers is that we have not done anything illegal or have contravened the law in any manner whatsoever. They have assured us that we should expect some respite by the 10th September 2011.
I personally request each one of you to stand by the company in this hour of need and help us resole the crises. We will only emerge stronger and greater from all this.
I will keep you posted of all developments as and when it happens.
With warm regards

Harendar Kaur
Chairperson & CEO