Friday, 21 December 2012

Update from Corporate Marketing Team


Dear Panelist,

Further to our last update on the execution of the exit policy. we wish to inform our SpeakAsia community that we have finished analysing the results of the first test batch of payouts that were sent.  

We have identified certain roadblocks such as multiple claimants to the same panelist id or bank details not matching with the ones submitted at the time of applying for the exit policy, because of which not everyone got the remittance in their accounts.

We are at this moment addressing those issues and hope to have a resolution to them by the end of this month. Once we have the resolutions in place we will then send out a second batch of test payouts. On successful completion of this second batch we will commence the payout as per the exit policy. 

We understand that there are delays in the process. One of the main contributor to this delay is the fact that we have had to do all the transactions and checking manually as our old automated systems are still under the custody of EOW Mumbai Police. We appeal to all the SpeakAsians to remain patient and bear with us as we work feverishly towards attaining our goals. 

Warm Regards,
SpeakAsia Corporate Marketing Team