Thursday, 26 April 2012


Dear Panellists,

As you are all aware that the company has been actively engaged in solving the current crises that it faces for the last eleven months. This journey has been long and tough and has brought out the best effort from all of us in combating the situation. We now do have reasons to believe that we should be able to resolve the current impasse soon.

As mentioned earlier, efforts are underway to open a permanent establishment of the company in India, so that it is able to re-start the business as a local entity in India, in accordance with the prevalent local laws.

In order to have a smooth and Hassel free re-start, we request you to kindly have the following documents ready as they will be required upon re-start of the business.

        a)    Name
         b)    Proof of Residential Address
         c)    Bank Account Details including Swift Code and IFSC Codes

Please do note that this only a preparatory exercise in anticipation of our business re-starts.  Once we get all the permissions from the concerned authorities, we will communicate with you for the next set of actions to be taken.

We once again thank you for your support to the company during this difficult period 

Warm Regards,

SpeakAsia Corporate Marketing Team

Friday, 6 April 2012

Update from Corporate Marketing Team


Dear Speakasians,

It has been brought to our notice that information is being sought under the guise of our company on the following website:

Please note that the company has not initiated this action and actively discourages the use of this website. We also request all our Speakasian members not to follow such mis-guided and motivated attempts to tamper with our prestige and reputation.

Warm regards,

SpeakAsia Corporate Marketing Team

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Update from Corporate Marketing Team


Dear SpeakAsians

Since the last update, there are several issues we would like to address and clarify with our valued panelists. It is important that you understand our position and the actions we are taking.

  1. Media Reports
The Times of India reported recently that we have sister companies that have been investigated for fraud.  There is no truth in this and we categorically deny that SpeakAsia has anything to do with either of these companies.  The companies mentioned are Red Carpet and Index AdMatrix. As for Seven Rings International, they were the publisher of the E-Zine magazine which was distributed by HVP.  SpeakAsia has no interest, commercial or otherwise, in any of their operations.  The reports in the Times of India are false and seem to be motivated by certain vested interests.  We have, on more than one occasion, offered to clarify our positions regarding the various issues with the Times of India, but unfortunately, our offer was not accepted.

  1. Exit Policy
As you are aware, we have submitted a list of all those members who have opted to exit to the learned mediator.  The Mediator, accordingly had instructed the EOW and Mumbai Police (which still had in possession our company’s data and server) to return the database of our members to the Mediator for the disbursement process to commence.  However, the EOW and Mumbai Police have filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court refusing to submit the data to the Mediator.  We have also filed an appeal against this action.  Once this issue is resolved, we will resume the process of implementing the exit policy

  1. Resumption of Business
The company has also initiated various steps for the resumption of our business.  Dialogue with various departments and authorities is underway with regard to PE formation, statutory clearances etc.  We would like to assure all our SpeakAsian Family members that we wish to quickly resume business once all the legal requirements are fulfilled.

  1. Contact with the company and officials
As you know, we welcome your feedback.  Because of the overwhelming amount of emails we received on our present email address, our responses to you have been far from ideal.  To remedy the situation, we have created exclusively for India more email addresses according to the regions.  They are:-

Please do note that when you are communicating with the company, kindly mention your full name, address, current contact number, your login id and the name of your immediate upline. This will help us in verifying your credentials.  Please also note that if these details are not given in your email, no reply will be sent to you.

Warm Regards,

SpeakAsia Corporate Marketing Team