Monday, 1 April 2013

Update from Corporate Marketing Team



Dear SpeakAsians,

In our ongoing effort to execute the Exit policy announced by the company earlier, we had sent out two test batches of payments to a few randomly selected panelists. While the first test batch experienced some glitches, the second test batch was executed with relatively lesser number of obstacles. This has given us the courage to undertake the payment to all the applicants of the exit policy of the company.

As the company servers and database are still in the possession EOW, Mumbai, the company has decided to approach the Honourable Mumbai High court and to this end the company has filed a WRIT in the Mumbai high court with reference number WP/1127/2013 with the hearing dated expected on April 5, 2013. The company via this WRIT is requesting the Honourable court to direct the Mumbai EOW to hand over the database of the panelist so that we can execute the exit option at the earliest.

Warm Regards,
SpeakAsia Corporate Marketing Team